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This mesmerizing photographic and literary logbook unravels the mysteries of more than 70 islands dotting the sea from New York Harbor at the mouth of the Hudson to Fishers Island Sound. This magical island world, hiding in plain sight, is revealed aboard documentary filmmaker and writer Thomas Halaczinsky’s thirty-foot sailboat. His course follows the route of Adriaen Block, the first European who in 1614 sailed and mapped this area. On old marine charts, these islands have curious-sounding names such as Money Island, Pot Island, and Rat Island, while names such as Rockaway, Jamaica Bay, and Montauk speak of the indigenous people who once inhabited the land. Rooted in history, local tales are interwoven with current themes such as climate change and wrapped in the narrative of sailing in quest of a sense of place.

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Size: 10″ x 8″ | 78 color images | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764355073 | Binding: hard cover

"The word “archipelago” references the Aegean Sea, meaning main sea in olden days. By using this word, rather than “island” in his title, Halaczinsky would appear to invoke a sense of the connectedness of these waterways and land masses that defined civilization."

Dan's Paper

"Even more stirring than Halaczinsky’s reflections are his photographs. Seeing the coastline of New York from Halaczinsky’s perspective on his sailboat is truly an otherworldly experience. "  

Untapped New York

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