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The Films

The Book

Archipelago New York is a three-part documentary series by Thomas Halaczinsky, loosely based on his book by the same title.  The films document a modern day exploration  of the New York island world by sailboat.  "The German and French language versions of "Archipelago New York" premiered on December 6th and 7th on the European network ARTE.  They will be available for viewing online untlil March 5th 2022.

More about the films

More than 70 islands are dotting the sea from the North River delta of the New York City Harbor to Fishers Island Sound bordering Long Island, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Following Adriaen Block, the first European who in 1614 sailed and mapped this magical and mysterious island world. From 2011 to 2016 Thomas Halaczinsky captured the tales and images for his book during several voyages totaling more than 3000 nautical miles on his own sailing vessel out of Brooklyn and Greenport New York. "Archipelago New York" is the photographic and literary logbook of this journey.  

More about the book


It all started with a series of photographs documenting the journey into the island world of a New York.  At first  the vista point of the sea gazers as Melville describes it in the opeing chapter of "Moby Dick" prevailed.

Slowly the view point changed until finally it became the view of the city from the water. 

The original photo series that became the core of the book received an honorable mention from the Tokyo Foto Award 2016.


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